china Cost 1: 1 Ratio 90 Degree Right Angle Pto Output Shaft Gearbox T Series Gear Steering T6 Speed Increasing Helical Gearbox for Elevator manufacturers

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1:1 ratio 90 diploma right angle PTO output shaft gearbox T sequence gear steering T6 speed rising CZPT cal gearbox for elevator

T Series Spiral Bevel Gear Steering Gadget

1.T collection spiral bevel redirecor with CZPT types are standardized,all ratios 1:1  1.5:1  2:1  2.5:1  3:1  4:1 and  5:1 are genuine kinds.Typical effectiveness is 98%.
two.There are a single input shaft,two enter shafts,unilateral output shaft and double aspect output shaft.
three.Spiral bevel equipment can rotate in both directions and transmit smoothly, low noisemlight vibration, large overall performance.
4.If ratio is not 1:1,if input pace on solitary-extendalbe shaft,output velocity will be reduced
    if input speed on double- extendable shaft output speed will be decreased.


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china  Price 1: 1 Ratio 90 Diploma Right Angle Pto Output Shaft Gearbox T Sequence Gear Steering T6 Speed Growing Helical Gearbox for Elevator manufacturers